Wow! A political blast about Little England

What is it about the English that we somehow continue to hold to our “pink view” of the world (remember your old school atlas) where we provided civilisation and leadership to those unable to provide it for themselves. It really gets to me that there are still so many people clinging to the belief that Britain is still Great! We undoubtedly have some things that we could call Good, but please don’t delude yourselves – we’re no longer a world power.

Hence, I found this post both alarming and amusing. In a few words it confirmed my prejudices as it displayed the writers own. Ask yourself the question – why are we so involved in Iraq/Afghanistan when our fellow EU members are not? Is our role as a vassal to the US one that really brings any real value any more? Couldn’t wholehearted commitment to our nearby neighbours be more useful? Couldn’t concerted European action on many global affairs be more effective than the divided view that is portayed as the UK tries to ride two horses at the same time.

Now is the time for pro-Europeans to begin to speak out. Any dilution in our support for Europe will see an even greater weakening of what is laughingly described as our economy as the City moves from London to a true European capital. We have little industry, we have huge debts … but we do have talent! Please don’t sell out on this talent in the name of some misguided view of what statehood should be in the 21st century.

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