A few words about Jenny

Jenny does not find my twittering, blogging and other engagements with social networking easy to accept. She does however recognise it’s important to me, and that it’s helping my recovery and my coming to terms with what’s happened to me.

Because of her reluctance to engage with this media, I’ve kept references to her to a minimum as she’s essentially a very private person and this is NOT a private mode of communication. She doesn’t like to be referred to directly – hence my earlier use of MrsDIH to refer to her. Recently however she assertively stated that she was not MrsDIH – hence s/MrsDIH/MrsJKH/. However, for a complete record of the happenings of the past few weeks it’s essential for me to acknowledge how much she’s been part of my recovery, so I’m sorry Jenny – you have to step into the limelight.

I’ve been flippant at times about her constant and dedicated caring and looking out for me. If she hadn’t done that, I would have been like a bull charging a gate – confident that the more I battered it, the more likely I would be to get through. So she’s reigned me back, reminded me almost constantly to “take it easy”, reminding me not to stretch, not to lift, to take a rest, and more!

I also want to record a correction to an earlier post where I suggested that she’d “been on my case” about lifting  a heavy book. That of course was only a very minor part of the visits she made to me in The Heath. She brought me in sandwiches, drinks, clean towels daily. Often the weight of these were far more than she should have been lifting given her own condition, but she did it all without complaint and I’ll be always grateful for her support and help in getting me through the hospitalization part of the journey.

Now I’m home, she’s there to do what she can for me, never complaining and always willing. Taking on huge amounts of washing to ensure we have good infection control in operation. To say that I couldn’t have done this without her is a vast understatement of all I owe her, but it’s true and I do owe her big time. I love you Jenny.

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  1. Nice to see that you have found a way to acknowledge all that mum does for you, me and all of us. She is an amazing woman who does it with a smile on her face.

    There are not too many people like mum about in this world. You are a lucky man Mr DIH. You hardly deserve her!! 🙂

    Glad to see that she is making sure that your leg and chest don’t split open. You really should take it easy…treat it like training for retirement!!

    Sorry that I have been a little distracted over the past few weeks. I have been intensely busy and not able to give too many brain cycles to anybody. I should be coming out of that phase soon.

    Take care dad, love you always.


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