ICE – that's In Case of Emergency

Recent discussion in U3A has been on what role a Group Convenor should have in case of emergency. It’s a difficult one, I haven’t fully resolved in my mind what responsibility I should have – I think it’s one that’s worth discussing. Should I, can I request that information be lodged with me? Should the group member provide it to a membership record on a database system that the Convenor can access? Or, should – and this is the purpose of this post – the individual take the responsibility upon themselves. This can be done by either carrying a card – this one is used by The Ramblers – there are many providers of this sort of card, eg ICEcard, or should we use the facilities on our Smartphones which allow access without unlocking the phone from the Home screen.

Straining for an answer

So … if you don’t swallow (sic) the dietary and biochemical arguments of Ivor Cummins, Zoe Harcombe and others, return to my mentor Malcolm Kendrick it’s stress I say, it’s stress – or strain as he prefers to call it.

I think there’s a way of embracing both, they both come together in metabolic syndrome as far as I can see, or understand it. I feel the dietary argument is worth pursuing in its own right as whole food, minimally processed, non-sugary sweet food must be good for you – surely!!! However I also recognise the need for us all to reduce the stress we live with and put ourselves under, and have always intuitively felt that stress/strain was the root cause of CHD.

Now where did I put that mindfulness book, perhaps I could read a few pages on my walk today.