Week 2

Slight change of format. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up a daily record – I’m getting much stronger and fitter and I want to do other things as well as maintain this blog. I have other things I want to say on Just thoughts … and the daily record has a chance of becoming (dare I say it) … boring. So I’m going to do the “Hopes and fears” and “Objectives for the week” at the beginning of the week, and the “Learning points …” at the end of the week. Any substantial item I’ll do a separate post on. Hope you’ll agree this might be a little less boring. Please remember however this blog is essentially for me, and maybe for any others that might ever find themselves in a similar position, that’s why it’s a public blog.

Hopes and fears – I hope to “get something substantial done” this week. It might be specifying a new PC for the home, making a decision on whether to ditch BT Vision (or not), or even some serious blogging. There’s at least 4 blog posts, not on the subject of my personal health, that I want to write. Of course my principal fear is that I have a setback. That all the new found energy I find myself with today, may wain.

Objectives for the week – get into those exercises … again! Do some serious walking! Do more for myself! Spend some time by myself without the loving care of MrsJKH (who’s been so marvellous).

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