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I’ve been forced to re-consider my multi-platform blogging strategy! When I was working it was right to try and separate work and personal issues; I still firmly believe that context in blogging is of the highest importance. You believe you’re writing for a specific audience – they do not want to be distracted by what will seem to them obscure references to photography or holidays, if they’ve been drawn to a blog post on technology; they don’t want to really know about your family, or perhaps they might – if they are part of your family … and so on!

Blogger at work

The updated, re-launched blog tries to take account of this by having a ‘sticky’ post at the top of the front page – this post for instance – with all the other posts below and also being accessible from the pull-down menus above the graphic. These make use of ‘categories’ – so each post is allocated a category. Posts can also be accessed using the ‘tag cloud’ (in the sidebar), or from the list of ‘recent posts’. If you think this works, or doesn’t, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. In the way people read blogs now it seems they are more ‘unbundled’ than they used to be. Because of Twitter and link sharing and search and an abundance of options the readers are less loyal and will visit for one post here and another post there.

    I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing, just an observation. I guess it depends from blog to blog but that is the result of my (incomplete) research in looking at my comments and analytics and speaking to people.

    Maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about interspersing personal in the stream of work posts etc. Language choice was a related question here for me as I blog in two languages. Then I decided not to worry about it. I try to link to references as I assume most readers haven’t been on the journey with me.

    Sometimes I just think of blogging as putting a page on the web with its own link.

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