Ever wanted to create Shared Tasks/ToDo Lists … ?

Just discovered what could be a really neat Web 2.0 app. Remember the Milk allows you to have an active ToDo list that you can easily share and what’s more impressive you can add tasks by Twitter, from a Google Gadget, from an email and a number of other possibilities.

It’s also mobile so if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch there’s a connector and from the BlackBerry just connect to m.rememberthemilk.com

I found it as a result of wondering how to keep a track of domestic tasks which then have to be shared with Jenny and tracked through to completion. Now the easy bit has been finding some neat technology – the more difficult step will be the socio-cultural change … now where have I heard that phrase before.

RTM allows you to share tasks or lists with another registered user (so Jenny’s already got an account – she doesn’t know that); it can mail out; it can also receive tweets assigning a task using “@twittername task” to another RTM registered user . I’m just dying to set up the tasks now … there’s still very little chance of them getting done, but my anxiety level will go down as I won’t forget what it was that I had good intentions to do.

Watch this space

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  1. Seen that website before…your slow. There are Web 2.0 awards. I use StumbleUpon to find all these new websites.

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