The prelude

“If five red platelets decide to hold hands and try to get through that narrowing – boom, that’s a heart attack for you”.

With words very similar to those the news was broken to me very clearly that I had to have heart by-pass surgery. I’ve been sort of pretending that those visits to GPs, Cardiologists and now a Cardiac Surgeon had all been arranged to prove that I was a “false positive”; that the abnormal exercise ECG I’d had was actually aberrant. I was going to cheat the technology and show that as I’d not got any symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD) and angina then I obviously hadn’t got CHD. Who was I kidding!

The plain facts are that I have to have an operation in about 6-8 weeks that is in fact a miracle. Something that was not available to my father who died suddenly some 25 years ago. It should provide me with a health prognosis that was unavailable to him, even if he’d had the benefits of the angiogram that had diagnosed the blockage and the narrowings of my heart arteries that mean I have to have the surgery. The added miracle is that without showing any obvious symptoms I’d stumbled into treatment – how lucky is that!

However, the reality has really NOT yet sunk in. I’m sitting on a white fluffy cloud looking down on an alternate @diharrison who’s experiencing all of this. I know I’ve got to get off the cloud soon and start facing up to the prospects of what’s ahead of me, but not yet … let me have a few more days on my cloud. That’s where Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (DDDBMT) come in. The thought of any of my platelets ganging up on me was one I didn’t want to envisage, but call them DDDBMT and it’s not going to happen … honest!

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