Our Health in 2009

Well … this year has been quite a shock to the system. After a lifetime of “good health” – the odd broken bone, or sprained joint aside – we both had an “annus horribilis”. I’ve documented the journey I’ve been on since the beginning of the year with the discovery of my coronary heart disease on a separate blog:

The #hospitweet Blog

I started this blog to document what I was going through, to be somewhere I could reflect upon my feelings and how I re-acted to what was going on, and then the heart by-pass surgery I went through, the recovery and now the rehabilitation. When I started writing I had no idea that Jenny was going to have her own issues to contend with. She, had no wish or need to make things as public as I had, but coping with breast cancer and its treatment was just as challenging. Perhaps more so!

The good news is that Jenny is now through surgery and with radio-therapy ahead of her has a very good prognosis. As for me, I’m well on my way to full recovery. So what better way to end the year with these two photographs, taken the on the day I was told I had to have cardiac surgery and the day before Jenny was about to be told that she had breast cancer.

From Family Pictures
From Family Pictures

2 Replies to “Our Health in 2009”

  1. Jen/Dave
    Finally managed to get into your site. I am a bit of a Luddite when it comes to socal network sites. I was very sorry to hear of your health troubles and wish you both well on yor respective roads to recovery. We are both well though Dot still has blood pressure problems attributable to years of teaching in the frontline! Can’t remember where you were in Yorkshire: the grey matter is not what it was! We do come down to South Wales from time to time so perhaps we might be able to meet up on one of these occasions.

    Cheers Dot and Andrew

  2. Hi Dave and Jenny,

    I was looking for you to make contact and came across your blog. I was very sorry to hear about your health problems and hope that 2011 is much better and all health problems are resolved.

    I am in Cardiff on 19th Januray giving a lecture at the university. Can we meet for a coffee?

    very best wishes


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