Pond and birdlife

The goldfish appear to have (largely) survived the coldsnap – haven’t been able to do a census but early fears have been unfounded. What is obvious is that the “stream” leading into the pond needs some serious work doing on it in the spring. There’s a seapage from it on the way down to the waterfall and it would seem prudent to re-line it. The other possibility is that the pipe that goes from the pump to the “spring” is punctured in some way. Either way the work will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer. I also need to repair or replace the main pump as the secondary one is just not powerful enough to handle both the filter and the “stream”. So all in all that’s a weekend of work to look forward to.

The excitement of RSPB Garden Bird weekend is over, but in addition to what I spotted that weekend …

1 pair of bullfinch
2 pairs of greenfinch
2 pairs of goldfinch
2 pairs of chaffinch
1 pair of blackcap
1 pair of blue tit
1 pair of great tit
5 house sparrow
2 collared dove
1 robin
1 pair of blackbirds, plus another female

… it was pleasing to see a second robin, and an immature thrush this morning. Plus the population of goldfinches had risen to seven! News of the feast we’re providing for them must have spread.

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