OpenID provider confusion

Just discovered that by using different OpenID credentials to a service provider (Twitterfeed) I had effectively created two accounts without realising it. This occurred because they had also changed their user interface which led to an assumption that I’d “lost” my feeds … so I created a new set, with the credentials I had supplied.

So the problem was that there is no cross-validation between accounts by the service provider – good thing; but the user (me) was unaware that I had an account under a different set of OpenID credentials.

This has led me to realise that I must consolidate my use of OpenID to just one provider and look at all the services I get using OpenID credentials and make sure I’m using just that one. So the question is which one should I use?

Should I use Google, or Yahoo – I have accounts with both of them; should I use WordPress or Blogger – same for them too. Or should I use an independent provider? If so, which one? Or should I grasp the nettle and see if I can setup my domain to be an OpenID provider for me and my family.

Advice please?

New Milton, Hampshire

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