How do you solve the problem called “This video is currently unavailable”

Perhaps the one thing that annoys me more about technology than any other thing is when something that should obviously just work – just like that … doesn’t!!!

A case in point is the Google Capture app on iOS. Of course there should be no problem with it working with Google+, or that it should integrate seamlessly with YouTube … think again! Time and time again you get the message “This video is currently unavailable” when you click on the Play button in your Google+ post – unless you’re looking at it on a Desktop, using most probably Chrome. That makes sense doesn’t it? NOT!

So many of my valuable “little grey cells” have been destroyed trying to find out just what’s going wrong; trying to find a workaround to something that there shouldn’t need to be a workaround for. Quelle domage. This stuff’s supposed to be easy, isn’t it?

Finally, I have a workaround. It’s not ideal, but it works. It’s not logical, but it works. It allows me to continue to use technology I like, but which is letting me down. Let me share my solution with you.

1. You start by taking the video clip with Capture, do what edits you want to in the app and then Upload to YouTube. Do not Share at this time. I know you want to, but don’t.

2. Check using the YouTube app that that the video has been Uploaded successfully, return to the Capture app and then Share to Google+. Yes, I said this wasn’t logical, you want to know why you don’t just share from the YouTube app, don’t you? Well you don’t, because you stand a good chance of getting a Red screen thumbnail on your Google+ post, it might be a smiley (sort of) face, or it might be a clock – but the thing is … you don’t want it!

3. So you’re back in the Capture app. Click on Share, choose Google+ and with a fair wind and a slice of luck (and presuming you haven’t jumped the gun and tried to share too quickly, see 2 above) you’ll be able to get a share away and write a post to accompany the video on Google+.

See I told you it wasn’t logical. Come on Google, solve this idiotic problem.

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