Google points the way to new collaborative working

Yesterday saw the announcement of Google’s new technology architecture – Google Wave. Already – and this is testimony to the power of socialmedia – there’ve been a deluge of blog posts about Google Wave and what it could mean to the development of online communication and collaboration. As a starting point you should read Tim O’Reilly‘s excellent briefing of what the technology is all about.

What was really interesting was then (courtesy of a link from @r4today) going to watch him talking about “web2oh” on He discussed a wide range of futures and innovations including the legacy of twitter, and what Google was going to need to do to change to its emergence as a technology of real immediacy and online collaboration. That interview took place on 2nd April 2009, and now just over a month later, we have a response.

I’m listing a few early resources below for reference of what did actually emerge within 24 hours of the announcement hitting twitter!

Mashable (the blogging platform of Pete Cashmore) was particularly prolific … Could Google Wave Redefine Email and Web Communication?, Twave: Google Mail + Twitter and then unashamedly Google Wave: A Complete Guide

Tim O’Reilly followed up his first post with Google Wave: the Early Days. There were then blog posts from Ray Valdes (from Gartner) who was also present at the Google I/O event who indicated the possibilities, but also the barriers to adoption within the enetrprise, and other consultants such as Dennis McDonald who commented on the topic and who raised some other interesting ideas about the emergence of soft project management toolsets.

For my part, I’m not a technologist anymore, but I can recognise innovation when I see it. Google Wave will do for communication, what Google Maps and then more importantly Google Earth did for mapping. Phew!

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