Giving ME away!

Being on leave, with nothing to do apart from sit and think is great fun! It allows you to pick a tweet and reflect, and then reply in a more considered manner.

Another tweet this afternoon from @elsua, provided below …

Wish people’d understand a single line in your Twitter profile, i.e. your nick, is not going anywhere. Tell us some more about you! Pic, bio

… made we wonder. Perhaps somebody must have tweeted something that Luis Suarez felt was interesting enough to wonder “Who is this? Do they have credibility?” However, the truth of the matter is that many of us twitter and blog on the sidelines, we’re actually micro-publishing to a community that knows us, not broadcasting to the world. In so doing we’re interested if others come to read what we’ve written, but that’s really not our mission. And so, we don’t give away too much about ourselves, just in case the context of our communications is misrepresented.

When I tweet, or blog on this site, I do so in my own name, not as a representative of the organisation that employs me – as I’ve said previously – that I’ll do on the corporate blogging platform. So on twitter, I don’t give myself away, however a Direct Message to me, or a little bit of detective work, will soon reveal who I really am.

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