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It’s now over the year since our “episodes” and we’re doing well. We both get a bit tired and we’ve both been probably doing far more than we should have, but that’s just us. Won’t dwell on it anymore the next challenge is retirement. I finish work on December 31st and with Jen having finished a couple of years earlier we’re now both bravely facing our Third Age together.

Interesting that we’ve just returned from a weekend at Aberaeron which is only a few miles away from where it all began for us. We visited Aberystwyth for the day yesterday and it still holds a sort of magic for us, even after all those years. With all the changes that have taken place, it’s still very much the same place. Can that be said about us? Probably, deep down … yes. We haven’t changed that much. I’ve got all the same faults and Jen has got the same virtues. Now she has to take me on as a project – perhaps I am capable of redemption after all. For my part I have seven missing years to repay – the lost years, the forgotten years when I managed to confuse trying to complete a thesis with all other aspects of newly married life and starting a family. There I’ve gone even more public.

We plan to travel a bit – using #duettovan as much as we can – but our first trip is to Australia to spend some time with Peter, Shells, Ewan and Maggie –  a great start to our new life.

See you next year! Of course you could pop back during the year and see if I’ve written anything of interest, and then of course …

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