Wentlooge – the sea wall and the levels

This 12.0 mile walk started, with our bus passes at the ready, at the Central Bus Station where we got onto a bus that took us through parts of Splott and Tremorfa I’d never seen before, before letting us off at Pengam Green. As we walked past the Waste Collection Centre on Lamby Way, I think we both wondered what we’d let ourselves in for on this stage of the Wales Coastal Path.

We of course, had another wonderful walk, meeting a threesome who were walking the Path in similar fashion but using a car at one end and then a bus to the other. Indeed one of them told us he was a curator at the Sambrook Village Museum and offered to make us a cup of tea if we should visit on a Friday (see reference to this here).

The Wentlooge Levels are a twitchers dream. Loads of wading birds, some kestrels and loads of goldfinches. The saltmarshes have these creeks and there’s evidence of an age-old method of fishing.

You walk past the golf-course and see this lake before you arrive at The Lighthouse Inn, near St Brides, which was our planned lunch-time stop. Let’s just say we enjoyed our lunch. The friendliness of the bar maid was just great.

All along the walk you came across inlets such as these where the drained marshes have a controlled flow out to the estuary.

Finally, a really pleasant surprise of the walk were the wildflowers we saw along the way …

… and here’s the Google Map of the walk …