To the Bay from Coryton

A variation on an earlier pair of walks described here and here.

Coryton to Cardiff Bay via Cardiff Parks at EveryTrail

@joenicholls is assisting me in getting fit. So as the first stage of my training plan we did this gentle walk (no slopes) down to The Bay. The first part of the walk was down the Taff Trail to Western Avenue in Llandaff, then we struck off through Llandaff Fields towards Thompson’s and Victoria Parks. Arriving on Cowbridge Road we then made for the Ely Trail to take us down to The Bay. A lunchtime stop at Eli Jenkins and then the train back to Coryton. Another public transport walk with highs (the parks, The Bay and Taff Trail) and some lows (Ely Trail – wrong time of year, spring is the best time for this trail).

“The Cambrian Way – Stage 1”

I sort of did this walk under false pretences. I was still a newbie to Cardiff Ramblers and hadn’t worked out Gwyn’s sense of humour. He had no real intention to do The Cambrian Way in stages; it was just that this walk was indeed the first stage of the trans-Wales route, mostly, mainly across open land. Of course this stretch wasn’t, mainly relying on pieces of the Taff Trail, but just around Castell Coch there were some deviations and tracks that I hadn’t walked before. A really pleasant 7 miles and the bus home. An extra bonus … I joined CADW!!

The Google Map can be seen here.