Yorkshire Sculpture Park

YSP (02)150320A great day out with Stuart at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’m sure he lost count of the times I said – I don’t do culture. That’s of course not strictly true, but I do find it challenging to engage with abstract sculpture and most modern art. It’s therefore not surprising that the pieces I enjoyed best were ones that I could work out what they were!

A collection of the images I took during our visit can be seen here on Picasaweb. In time, when the new Google Photos has got itself sorted out, I’ll find a better way to create albums than the way I did creating this one. I plan to write a blog post on the subject on this blog as soon as I have the time!

My time has been pretty much taken up just recently with launching two new blogs. The first “Thought grazing 3A” to support a community initiative on Streetlife in North Cardiff where I’ve offered IT enablement support for Third Agers. The second has been the re-launch, with a new theme and new features, of “Moments like these …” my photo blog which also has Fundraising attached to it.

I’m not sure whether this will turn out to be a good idea, or not, but quite a few people have been kind enough to say how much they’ve liked some (not all) of the photographs I’ve taken.

I thought long and hard about whether to set up an eCommerce site to sell them, but in the end changes in VAT Rules and Regulations by HMRC convinced me not to go down that route – after all, I don’t really need the income, and I don’t really want the hassle of printing and framing more than a few special requests. I just want to get out and walk and take more photographs! So if you would like a high resolution digital copy of any of my images, or you just want to show some appreciation, go to the Fundraising page on “Moments like these …” and (this year) help The Ramblers.