Coffee and clouds

Spring is well and truly upon us. After doing the spring-cleaning of our tasks, projects and actions last month, it’s time to turn our attention to those seeds of thinking that, with a bit of watering (coffee-drinking), will turn into “the big idea” later in the year. So I’m polling for a date/time for the next #tgsmc (or, Thought grazing Social Media Cafe) meet-up. As usual it’ll be in the Costa Coffee in Park Place.

Follow the link below to let me know your availability … isn’t Meet-o-matic just the greatest of meeting maker software ???

Watch this space for a confirmed date/time, or follow @thoughtgrazing on twitter

Spring clean your minds – Take 2!!

[Updated post – too many people, including me couldn’t make next Wednesday, revised date and time.]

Well, Christmas lethargy has almost passed. One hopes the cold and snow has gone for this year too. Now’s the time for a little spring-cleaning! That’s what we’re doing in our house at the moment and it occurred to me that’s what needed with our minds sometimes. We carry around so many thoughts and ideas that it’s difficult to focus on what is actually the most important. What is it that actually needs to get done? What is it that needs to be written on our blogs, or what that we have written needs to be posted.

An excellent example of latent thinking and writing surfaced over the weekend in Kelly Page‘s “Social ways of working in Higher Education“. In a tweet, Kelly mentioned that she’d written this post a year ago but hadn’t been sure whether to post it, or not. How often is that so true. How many other ideas and thoughts are getting cobwebs collecting around them that are crying out to see the light of day. How many others just need to be swept away, to allow others to emerge and grow?

So that’s the theme of the next Thought grazing Social Media Cafe (#tgsmc) to be held on Friday morning, 9th March from 11:00am at Costa Coffee in Park Place. Come and do a bit of thought spring cleaning as well as have a good chat and cup of coffee (and a cake), or two.