What I do is, what I do

Something I’ve been pondering for a while now is how to redress the balance between what I do in work, for work and what I do at home – again for work. What I ask myself do I do for myself at work? Should I have a life in work, or should I strive to get the work out of my life at home!

Now, I do know the answer – but it’s not the one either I, nor work, would wish. I actually enjoy my work. It gives me huge satisfaction and when it’s going well – which is pretty much most of the time – it gives me the sort of buzz that I don’t want to back-off from. But still that niggle runs around my brain – what is it that I’m missing?

It is of course the social interaction with friends, colleagues and family that is increasingly being squashed into “spare time”, which is itself getting really squeezed. So, how do I redress this balance – I think you know the answer. The attitude towards using social networking software, conducting personal business and generally using the work time and resource for personal use must change. It’s only fair! At home, I’m paying for the electricity, the broadband connection, possibly the computer and of course providing my time – to do work!! The very least that work should allow me to do is to allow me to spend sometime doing this sort of thing!