Paying for software services

In a recent post on another blog – Thought grazing – I wrote about the belief I had been moving towards that perhaps it was time to consider paying for software services that I’d grown to rely on. This was in the context of Google+ being “sunsetted” and the change in entitlements with Flickr that had encouraged me to move to take a Pro membership. That means that I now am paying for the following services – LastPass, iCloud, Google Drive, Vimeo, Flickr, the Adobe Photography Programme and of course my web hosting. These are all services that are core to my personal IT needs, so if I need them, I shouldn’t mind paying for them.

But now, another set of issues has emerged. Out of nowhere, I can’t remember any notification of forthcoming changes, I found that my Feedly account was not working the way it used to. I couldn’t save articles to Pocket as I’d done before, so my whole web reading and bookmarking strategy was in jeopardy. I had to consider – do I look for a different RSS reader, or do I pay-up to stay with what I’ve relied upon for a number of years – in fact all the years since Google Reader was “sunsetted” – note what a nuisance Google can be with their “free” services! Whilst at it, and to anticipate what might be just a little way down the road, I decided to subscribe to Feedly Pro AND Pocket Premium. Hopefully an increase in subscription income for the two of them will provide some security to two services that I really do rely on!

I think I’m now fully covered because I really don’t see Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Photos becoming subscription services … do you?

The referendum & its aftermath – Facebook posts from 6th June 2016

I’ve never been on Facebook as much as I have been in the last month. Since my last post on this blog, I’ve been commenting and writing stuff on first the referendum, then the upsetting result, then the consequences to both major parties and through it all my feelings and those who have commented on my posts have been recorded.

It’s an important point in our country’s history. Things will surely never be the same again. Personal decisions have been made, feelings expressed. I thought it was a worthwhile enterprise to record my participation in these events. The post will stand as long as Facebook archives remain. That’s another story!

The Comments under each post should be readable by clicking on them which will open the Facebook post. I’m impressed at this embedding of posts, it works well.

13th July 2016

12th July 2016

3rd July 2016

2nd July 2016

30th June 2016

28th June 2016

27th June 2016

26th June 2016

25th June 2016

24th June 2016

22nd June 2016

20th June 2016

17th June 2016

15th June 2016

11th June 2016

8th June 2016

7th June 2016

6th June 2016