Usually things where I feel out of control. Get back in control by moving the external cause internal, eg count then release, or by breathing

What makes me anxious … (from doc written 10th Jan 2010)

  1. Things relating to time or space where planning and/or arrangements are involved, for instance:
    1. Not getting away at the time I understood to be the departure time;
    2. Getting lost (this fortunately happens very rarely – and mostly in Leeds);
    3. Waiting for the completion of a task (related to 2. below) which is outstanding and I feel I have no control over its outcome.
  2. Not able to influence an outcome that I feel I know I have the answer to, or have the capability to action/complete. This is a feeling of being “out of control”, rather than being a “control freak”. I don’t want to control everything – far from it, but I get anxious when things aren’t getting done.
  3. A lack of planning when planning would make things (in my opinion) so much more straightforward and stress-relieving. [This is less an anxiety, and more a frustration … which has led me to consider a separate list for “Things that frustrate me”.]
  4. Not making decisions, which then leads to all of the above happening, this also frustrates me and can make me angry I know.

Things that frustrate me …

  1. Technology not working the way it’s supposed to do; or sometimes the wait for it to work the way it’s supposed to do. {Comment 2018: not so serious now, I’m actively trying to simplify my technology nowadays}
  2. Not having systems, or processes, in place to make life easier, for instance:
    1. Putting things back in the place where they’re supposed to be – this then results in hunts for objects which I often consider to be an unnecessary waste of time and effort;
    2. Having a place for things to be in, in the first place – and don’t change that place, I may have a system, or process, based around that place;
    3. Doing things with a degree of regularity (eg charging-up phones) – comes down to appropriate planning and organisation again;
    4. Using technology appropriately when it makes collective life easier (eg using shared electronic calendars) – I’m surely an expert in this field, please allow me to lead in this area if not in any other!

… and there’ll be others.