The Beacons Way: Day 2

This was the day that Japan beat South Africa in the Rugby World Cup and we watched the final minutes in utter astonishment in the Red Lion pub at Llanbedr after we’d finished the walk – but I get ahead of myself!

This was not an easy walk for me – I found out how much more work on my general level of fitness I need to do. DeeJay coaxed me out of the armchair, and I’m glad he did – it was a great day of walking. We had meant to walk from Llanthony Priory to Crickhowell, but I only got as far as Llanbedr. Two cars again. We left one at Crickhowell and drove the other to Llanthony. We started walking at 11:57 and I sat down with a pint at about 17:30 having covered 16.5 km (c.10.2 miles)

A few pictures from the walk are available here at Google Photos. Suffice to say (and because time has passed since we did the walk the account is short) the climb out of the valley was long giving amazing views back down towards the priory. The walk across the plateau was then generally easy. After pausing at a chapel by a bridge at the bottom of a valley we climbed up towards Patrishow where our visit the church was really interesting. I managed to lose another lens cap off my camera as we climbed another hill but the views from the top and as we descended (slightly off course) were brilliant. I was very weary towards the end – just look at this photo for the proof.

Day 2 (15 of 18)

I was very pleased that DeeJay offered to RUN the remaining couple of miles into Crickhowell to fetch his car whilst I watched the rugby.


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