Yo! Yorkshire – the East Yorkshire coast

We took off for a trip to Yorkshire last week. Our intention to spend some time at places we’d never really had time to visit properly whilst living “up north”.

On a desktop, or laptop, computer you will be able to access an interactive Everytrail map of each day, some with photos on them (marked by the red pins on the maps), if you click on the title above the map.

If you want to see all the pictures on Picasa, go to the Yorkshire Coast 2012 album, otherwise you can watch a rather speedy video slideshow on Vimeo …

East Yorkshire Coast 2012 from David Harrison on Vimeo.

Day One saw us leave Leeds for Scarborough …
To Scarborough at EveryTrail

We headed first for Beverley, somewhere we’d surprisingly never visited. Apart from finding a lovely cafe – The Indulgent Tart – to have a lunchtime sandwich, we also of course spent some time in Beverley Minster which is a lovely church with an interesting history including links to the churches in Bywell, which Jenny knew and visited as a child. It brought home to me the real importance of the church in days gone by as regional power centres. As a non-historian, I’m learning things that are obvious to others every day!

From Beverley we headed for Scarborough where we aimed to spend three nights on the Camping & Caravanning Club site. The first night we just took a pitch by the entrance, but moved to a nicer pitch (quieter) for the next two nights.

Day Two saw us go back south to Bridlington, Flamborough Head and Filey…
Bridlington, Flamborough & Filey at EveryTrail

We were drawn to visit Bridlington by the excellent Michael Portillo Great British Railway Journeys programme which highlighted the Station Buffet and its impressive floral display. We weren’t disappointed, either by the flowers, the station, or the buffet and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a pint of Yorkshire Guzzler. On from the station which surprisingly in its heyday had at least six platforms – I only know that because 4 and 5 were designated for Sheffield and Hull and 6 took you to Scarborough on a single-track – we walked down through the town (not too exciting, rather tired looking) to the harbour where we each had a tray of chips (we also had some sandwiches with us!) and then on to Cooplands Secret Garden cafe for a cup of tea and a strawberry tartlet each!

From Bridlington we drove up to Flamborough Head where we’d once spent a glorious Boxing Day (before we had a family, of course) and which I’d visited also with field trips in my earlier incvarnation as a Geographer. The Rescue Helicopter visited us as we arrived and then we took in views of cliffs, clouds and lighthouses before returning to the campsite.

Day Three saw us cycle up to Hayburn Wyke and back …
Hayburn Wyke and back on the bikes at EveryTrail

I really wanted to try out the Cinder Track – a cycle track that makes use of the disused Scarborough to Whitby trackbed. We cycled from the campsite to Scalby and then cycled 5.5 miles up to Hayburn Wyke, had a pint at the Hayburn Wyke Inn and walked down to the coast. Back for another pint – Black Sheep – and then the ride back. A really lovely day, the sun shone when it mattered and only a few spots of rain.

Day Four saw us return to Scarborough, before heading off to Whitby …
Scarborough and Low Moor at EveryTrail

We’ve really made use of our CADW (Wales’ equivalent of English Heritage) this year, nearly all in English Heritage sites. So a drive into Scarborough and a climb up to the Castle from the North Cliff side saw us walking around the cliff top enjoying wonderful views and watching surfers enjoying the gentle swell. A high point was the chutney and a cup of Yorkshire Tea at the cafe! Then we walked down to the town, visited a most unexceptional market and then walked back to the van via M&S where we picked-up another meal deal and the seafront which we walked through as quickly as possible.

Day Five was Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby day …
Robin Hood’s Bay & Whitby at EveryTrail

Robin Hood’s Bay was a delight! Lovely narrow streets and well painted little houses all connected by narrow lanes and alleys. It also had a few pubs and we stopped in the Bay Hotel for a drink before climbing the hill and having our sandwiches overlooking the coast and the town. Then we set off for Whitby, the Abbey (another EH site) and fish and chips in The Magpie Cafe. A lovely day, amazing abbey with views and lovely f&c.

… and then we headed inland for the Dales and Grassington, after failing to get our preferred sites at either Hawes or Leyburn.

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