To Sully from Cosmeston Lakes

To Sully from Cosmeston Lakes at EveryTrail

A gentle stroll from Cosmeston Lakes Country Park – somewhere I’d never been before – with Jenny. We started following the Cardiff Ramblers walk, but made a mistake early on which meant we had to do a slight retracing of our steps. Jenny had said she wasn’t walking through any field with cows in it; we had to … once, and it was amusing for me to turn round as we left the field to see all the cows following closely behind her. We agreed it would have been good to have had the camera handy, but I didn’t!

We then decided to cut the walk short and drop down to Swanbridge and have tea at The Captain’s Wife. The walk back along the road and track to the car was easy, allowed a couple of photo opportunities and ended amusingly when we were asked in the car park how to use a SatNav (programmed by her partner). We left her having difficulty finding her way out of the car park – so I gestured wildly the direction she should head in. Hope she got home 🙂

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