A circular walk from Ogmore-on-Sea

A shortish 7.2 mile walk with Jenny, Roger & Karen. We had our sandwiches at Southerndown by Dunraven Castle after walking the gentle cliff walk from the car park at Ogmore – taking the upper path on to the cliff top rather than doing the steeper scramble at the end of the beech/platform section.

Ogmore Castle

We then headed inland to St. Brides Major where we saw a heron fishing in the pond as well as a field of horses with their new ponies, past the rather interesting sideways facing terraced cottages and then up the hill past the 12th century church (Norman apparently :-)). Then it was onto the common where sheep poo collection for the garden compost caused some laughter, across the golf course, avoiding golf balls successfully, before resting at The Pelican in her Piety near Ogmore village, from where the picture above was taken.

and the Google Map is here.

By this time the sun was shining brightly and we enjoyed the drink – the HB was very drinkable! A short walk back to the car park beside the Ogwr with quite a few photo opportunities.

You might be able to see the walk on Everytrail …
Circular walk from Ogmore at EveryTrail

A photo slideshow from the walk can be found here.