From Knobs Flat to Queenstown

NZ – Knobs Flat to Queenstown at EveryTrail

NZ – Knobs Flat to Queenstown at EveryTrail

This was going to be a long day, and a long drive – from Knobs Flat round to Queenstown, with not a lot in between.

The day started from the cabin and I’ve provided a couple of pictures of Knobs Flat to give you an idea of the place. [As with all (or most of) the images, if you click on them they should open in a new window so that you can view them better.]

The first stop was to be lunch – we drove quite a distance to a lay by near Parawa where we shared the view with some bikers who were obviously touring as well. The views were huge (as usual) – you can get some idea of them below, although the pictures doesn’t really do the landscape credit.

Then it was press on to Fairlight and Kingston (where we didn’t stop to ride the Kingston Flyer – a historic train ride). Lake Wakatipu was soon in sight and we started the drive along the side of this winding lake on which Queenstown stands. A few views of the lake are included below, including one of the view from our Motel once we got to Queenstown. You can see the day was a bit overcast, but the sun did break through – but unfortunately not at spots where I wanted to take photographs!



All that was left for the day was to walk around Queenstown, find somewhere to eat which we did in a delightful small French Restaurant – quite atypical of much else that we saw in the town which gave the appearance of being a “young people’s place” and most definitely a tourist “hot-spot” – the coach tours were everywhere!

On our walk we did see something you don’t see everyday however and so it just had to be snapped. Hope you like this as much as we did