To Doubtful Sound … and back

NZ – To Manapouri for Doubtful Sound at EveryTrail

It’s difficult to do this area justice. It’s just amazingly beautiful and amazingly big. This was for me going to be one of the highlight days, one I’d been looking forward to from the moment we’d decided to visit South Island – we were not disappointed. The trip was a combination boat, coach, boat trip visiting a hydro-electric plant on the way out. We had pretty good weather for the inland boat trip but when we got on the fiord the clouds came down a bit but we still got good weather for the area – the rainfall frequency being about 75% of the year I believe.

The postcard pictures at the top of the page give you an idea of just how magnificent the scenery is – my pictures on Google+ Photos were as good as I could manage without a tripod. You can see them as a slideshow below as well.