Straining for an answer

So … if you don’t swallow (sic) the dietary and biochemical arguments of Ivor Cummins, Zoe Harcombe and others, return to my mentor Malcolm Kendrick it’s stress I say, it’s stress – or strain as he prefers to call it.

I think there’s a way of embracing both, they both come together in metabolic syndrome as far as I can see, or understand it. I feel the dietary argument is worth pursuing in its own right as whole food, minimally processed, non-sugary sweet food must be good for you – surely!!! However I also recognise the need for us all to reduce the stress we live with and put ourselves under, and have always intuitively felt that stress/strain was the root cause of CHD.

Now where did I put that mindfulness book, perhaps I could read a few pages on my walk today.

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