Oxygen as an enterprise alternative to Dropbox

My son has been VERY actively trying to persuade me to look into using Oxygen Cloud as an adjunct to Dropbox. Today he sent me this link which is worth taking a moment to read. There’s also a video to watch that explains/describes the model of file-sharing.

From this you can see that the main difference between Dropbox and Oxygen is the encryption which immediately addresses the recent “scares” about Dropbox releasing information to the US government upon request (of course you can still operate your own private encryption on Dropbox files if you want – but that’s a bit of a hastle).

So, Pete has allowed me to be one of his team members and so “family files” will be shared in the cloud using Oxygen. For any small team of five or less, why not use the free trial Oxygen service. If it meets your requirements, consider paying for secure storage in the cloud.

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  1. And if you happen to be in the market for a NAS. Buy the Drobo FS. This allows you to run an Oxygen Cloud daemon on the NAS as a private cloud.

  2. That’s a key point, Peter. Beyond E2E encryption, we allow a customer to take their storage private, and not just with Drobo, but enterprise vendors like EMC. That’s important for the many companies that already have their own storage, storage administrators, and data management processes. If the greatest concern about the cloud is security, we address it by allowing companies to control their data and apply their own security processes and procedures.

    Thanks for the post, David!

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