Say “No” to Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion

The post-Covid world will be different from the world we knew before. The case for increased air transport capacity, increasing the number of flights and the times at which take-offs and landings can take place, cannot be justified and it would most probably be at the cost of a dilution of flights from other regional airports anyway.

So the case for the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport just cannot be justified. Watch this amusing dialogue between my son-in-law and his doppelgänger on the subject and then act if you agree with him.

Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport

Specimen letter to Robert Jenrick to request call in expansion application

If you agree that this expansion should be stopped, tweet using the hashtags below


The front fell off …

It’s sometimes worth remembering when we find ourselves living in such a crazy world – one where targets and ambitions mean the same thing … allegedly – that we rely on people like the late John Clarke, who tragically died just over a year ago, to point out just how stupid our politicians actually are and how much they think we’re stupid too! Many, many classic clips on Mr John Clarke, but this  should be watched by everyone …